Mylar is similar to Kleenex. Not because you pick your nose with it – we don’t suggest it – but it is a brand name for a standard product. The fibers of a polyethylene terephthalate compound are used to make Mylar. You have nothing to hide when you’re legally selling marijuana.If you own a dispensary, a medical marijuana company, or a bulk cannabis distribution company, you’ve probably debated this with yourself at least once. You adhere to all applicable laws and regulations to ensure that your product is entirely legal. 

Make sure your customers are safe.

You are legally selling marijuana. Your customers lawfully purchase it. By packaging each product in an odor-proof bag, you can help them keep their medical or recreational marijuana on the up-and-up. These cannabis bags make it convenient for the customers to keep their belongings from being seized, even if they haven’t done anything wrong.

Remember that providing this level of protection does not imply that you are encouraging your customers to engage in illegal behavior.Even though studies have shown that cannabis is far safer than either alcohol or tobacco, all buyers and sellers of cannabis know that not everyone approves of it. Ironically, skeptics are often very good at detecting the odor of marijuana.

The tried-and-true sandwich bag won’t keep those sniffers away from your customers.Buyers can keep their purchases hidden with odor-proof bags. That’s wonderful for them as they go about their company, and it’s beneficial if you need to ship the product.They’ll be able to receive it and store it without dealing with any awkward questions from their neighbors, housemates, or delivery drivers.

Control Moisture Loss

As a retailer, you’re well aware that the weight of cannabis purchases is significant to customers. They want 1/8 oz of the product if they buy a 1/8 oz bag.Your inventory can easily be reduced by 10% or more due to evaporation. If your packaging doesn’t keep moisture out, you might end up having to overfill or re-fill your bags before sending them out. Those extra costs are unnecessary.

You can benefit from a heat seal that also protects the humidity levels in your product by storing and shipping it in marijuana bags designed to be odor-proof. Your customers will receive what they paid for, and you will avoid unnecessary costs and conflict.

Maintain Potency

Even the purest cannabis will degrade over time when exposed to UV light and oxygen. The active chemicals in the plant begin to synthesize and degrade without access to nutrients and water from the roots.Ensure your product is sealed in odor-proof bags to slow down the process. If odors cannot escape, less air is escaping, implying that the product is safer.If you sell CBD products for medical purposes, you’ll need odor-resistant weed bags. You simply cannot afford not to protect your cannabis from premature deterioration.

Where to Buy Mylar Bags?

Not just any smell-proof bag will do the trick if you want to keep your customers happy. Use odor-proof bags that are well-made and targeted at quality-conscious sellers.Many companies now offer mylar bags for purchase online. These bags allow you to provide added value to your customers regardless of your location.


Mylar is a flexible, insulative, and long-lasting material in its final commercial form. It’s used in emergency blankets, home insulation, and musical instruments. However, it’s also used in retail packaging for a wide range of products, including cannabis, and if your dispensary isn’t using it, you’re missing out.

2 Key Benefits of Using Mylar Bags for Cannabis Packaging

Mylar preserves the life of flowers. Mylar extends the shelf life of cannabis products and other consumables due to its chemical composition. It’s so effective as a freshness preserver that survivalists use it to store food for extended periods. It keeps water and air out, allowing dry items like pasta – or cannabis – to last until needed.

You may not be trying to prepare your dispensary to withstand a zombie outbreak, but extending the shelf life of your products will certainly help. The longer they last, the less money you’ll spend on dispensary supplies! Your customers benefit as well because their purchases last longer.

Mylar is flexible.

Mylar is a type of flexible plastic sheeting in terms of chemistry. Birthday balloons (the silvery kind, not the rubbery kind), yogurt lids, coffee pouches, and roasting bags, among other packaging and commercial products, are made from it.

Mylar is the most common material used to make flower bags in the marijuana packaging industry. High-quality mylar bags are available in various shapes and sizes, ranging from pre-roll to 3.5 grams to a full ounce. 

Mylar is strong enough to be transported and stored.

Multi-functional bags are essential for running a successful dispensary. They must store your product before the sale and keep it fresh after the customer takes it home. You’ve already seen Mylar’s abilities.

Mylar is strong enough to withstand bulk and personal transport, making it ideal for long-term storage in even the busiest stockroom. It’s puncture-resistant, unlike plastic, so you can count on it to be in the same condition at the end of the journey as it was when you began.

Mylar Bags

For weed smokers, mylar bags are a popular choice. Because these bags are opaque, they can be transported quietly and out of sight of curious children. Today’s mylar bags are child-resistant and tamper-proof. They have a reusable zip-locking mechanism and a tear tab at the top, so you’ll know if someone tried to get into your product before it got to you.

Some weed smokers keep their fresh bud in mylar bags all the time. The top zip lock creates a seal that keeps marijuana fresh and contaminant-free. Mylar blocks UV rays keeps the product excellent and is free of toxic chemicals (unlike plastic bags). These characteristics aid in preserving marijuana’s medicinal properties for as long as possible.

Remember that, due to some state marijuana laws, if you want to choose to sell your product in a see-through container, you’ll almost certainly have to package it all in a mylar bag anyway. In California, for example, all weed packaging must be opaque, so see-through glass jars aren’t acceptable.

Glass Weed Jars

Another popular packaging option is cannabis jars. Glass jars, like mylar bags, are non-toxic materials. However, most glass jars are see-through, exposing the cannabis inside to the sun’s UV rays. Excessive exposure can cause the product to dry out and become brittle and lose some of its potency. Amber and cobalt-colored jars, on the other hand, can help with this issue. If your products are packaged in clear glass jars, store them in drawers, cabinets, or any cool, dark, and dry location.

The seal on glass jars is incredible. When using mylar bags, if you miss a section of the zip or forget to close the bag at all, your weed will be exposed to the air, losing its potency. Glass jars are the best option if you want your cannabis to stay potent for a long time due to their twist-on lids. They keep air and other contaminants out, allowing you to keep your weed for as long as you need it.

Which Option Is Best?

Mylar bags and glass jars are both viable options. Although glass jars are more expensive than mylar bags, they are reusable and recyclable. Printing your labels on your products is simple with either option. In the end, it comes down to personal preference.

Read up on the rules in your area before making a decision. Before you invest in either of these weed packaging options, make sure you have all the facts.