People should be worried about how long their Marijuana Last In A Smell Proof Jar will survive in storage for numerous reasons. Cannabis is a pricey commodity, and no one wants it to go to waste.

Cannabis is now legal in numerous places around the United States. If you reside in a state that has legalized marijuana for recreational and therapeutic purposes, you may buy it online or pick it up at a local pot store.

Some folks don’t need to worry about keeping their cannabis for lengthy periods of time since they don’t buy that much at once. If you produce your own cannabis or buy it in greater amounts, you’ll need to store it in some fashion so that you can utilize it later.

How long cannabis stays fresh once it has been cured is primarily determined by how well it is preserved. Your pot will begin to dry out in a week or less if you do it the old fashioned method and keep it rolled up in a plastic baggie.

Today, we know a lot more about how to maintain weed’s strength and aroma at their best for longer.

Can Weed Go Bad?

Yes, cannabis can go bad, is the quick response to this query. This could happen in a few different ways. If your cannabis stays in a terrible storage setting for too long, exposed to too much light and open-air, it can rapidly dry up.

Over time, this can cause the plant to become crumbly and even dust-like. It will lose its potency, and the scent will vanish.

Another method for cannabis to go bad is if it is exposed to excessive dampness. Mold may grow on your cannabis if there is too much humidity combined with warm temps.

You don’t want to eat moldy weed since it will make you sick! Inhaling mold spores is harmful and highly deadly, as anyone who knows anything about mold knows. If you use a vaporizer or smoke marijuana for medicinal reasons, White Widow should avoid using it if it has mold on it.

How Long Does It Stay Fresh?

When kept properly, dried cannabis keeps for 6 months to 1 year. It begins to lose its scent and power over time.

Weed loses around 16 percent of its THC after a year, according to some earlier data, and it simply keeps lowering from there:

  • 26 % THC lost after 2 years
  • 34 % THC lost after 3 years
  • 41 % THC lost after 4 years

How Should I Store My Weed?

Light, oxygen, humidity, and temperature can all interfere with cannabis and influence its fragrance, flavor, and potency potential.

Here are some things to consider while storing cannabis to keep it fresh and high-quality for as long as possible.

Choose the right container Ditch plastic baggies and containers. can nurses smoke delta 8 Plastic holds static that can affect delicate trichomes — the tiny,

Get rid of your plastic bags and containers. Plastic collects static, which can harm delicate trichomes (the tiny, crystal-like hairs on flowers that create THC and terpenes) and reduce potency.

Also, those amusing small tins should be avoided since they allow too much oxygen in.

The best option is to use child-resistant sealed glass jars, such as mason jars. They don’t have any static charge and reduce oxygen exposure. Plus, they’re affordable and easy to find.

The packaging containers sold by Creative Labz are meant to keep cannabis fresh for as long as possible.

  • Humidity

Weed thrives in a humidity range of 59 to 63 %. Any higher than that and you risk retaining moisture, which can lead to mold development. Anything less than this will cause your marijuana to dry out.

If you really want to get fancy, you may add humidity packs to your containers to help preserve your collection. You may also go further and preserve your Marijuana Last In A Smell Proof Jar in a humidor designed particularly for cannabis.


To make your marijuana last longer for you, ensure that you store them in airtight containers. Contact Creative Labz to get child-resistant packaging and 3.5g jars for marijuana.