How to conserve Marijuana

Once we have harvested and dried our marijuana buds, how should we store it to remain in good condition? The buds can hold up well and without losing quality for years, as long as we store them correctly.

We are going to review which are the most common and effective ways to store marijuana, as well as simple ones. With any of them, we can keep our grass in perfect condition for years.

Adequate humidity to avoid fungus

Once we have properly dried our buds, we can store them in different ways. But always with a suitable humidity level since the humidity is very low, the grass will dry out excessively, become brittle, and the trichomes will lose quality.

If the humidity level is too high, our buds will be prone to fungi, which will ruin our entire harvest. Since never, under no circumstances should we smoke marijuana with mushrooms (it is very harmful to health).

The adequate humidity level for the conservation of buds is between 50% and 55%. With this range of humidity and our buds will be preserved without danger.

Avoid sunlight

It is useless if we store our marijuana harvest well; if later, we will leave it in any place where sunlight reaches it. Sunlight quickly degrades the quality of the trichomes in our buds.

The best way to preserve our marijuana, no matter how we do it, is always in a cool and dark place, where sunlight or high temperatures cannot degrade it.

Keeping marijuana in airtight jars

It is possibly the most widely used technique today since, besides being very effective, it is also economical. It will be enough to store our marijuana in glass jars that close hermetically so that no humidity can enter or leave.

The ideal is to have the cans almost full so that there is not much air inside or the humidity level decreases. If we empty a boat a little, it is good to pass the rest to a smaller one.

We will keep the jars in a dry, dark and cool place to be well preserved. Marijuana can last a couple of years in good condition when stored this way. From there, it will gradually lose quality, although it may last several more years.

Vacuum packaging marijuana

If our goal is to preserve marijuana for many years, this is undoubtedly the best option. Cannabis packaging with vacuum packages the buds eliminates the oxygen that surrounds them not to oxidize them.

If we also store this vacuum-packed marijuana in a cool, dark and dry place, it will be perfectly preserved for many years. I have personally smoked weed with more than four years stored like this, and the quality was perfect.

Store the buds in a wooden box

This option is used a lot for curing, although it also stores our buds for a short period. It is an ideal place to have the herb that we are going to consume little by little.

Cedarwood boxes are the most suitable for this purpose due to their low porosity. Some of the good quality and as well known as the “00 boxes” can keep our buds in perfect condition for several months.

Can I freeze the buds?

Yes, we can freeze the marijuana, and it will also last longer, although they will lose something or a lot of quality. Remember to use a storage medium that does not allow moisture to enter, or it will spoil. Vacuum packaging is usually the best option for these cases.

You can only freeze and thaw it once since if you repeat the process several times, the quality of the buds will also decrease.

Where to never store marijuana?

We have to avoid leaving our buds in the sunlight, as they will degrade. It is also not good to leave them in a cardboard box, as the humidity level will be very low if we opt for a wooden box that is not porous.

Avoid glass jars that smell something (maybe they were canning jars before) since the smell can adhere to the buds, causing them to lose a lot of quality. Also, do not keep the herb in a sneak and carry it with you because the heat of your body will give off a lot of smell (even if you don’t perceive it).

Forget any damp place as it will create fungus. And needless to say, never keep it in a place within reach of others; always try to keep it well.