We will explain the different types of medical marijuana seeds in the USA. So that we can find that depending on whether they are regular or feminine to best suit your tastes and space cultivation possibilities.

Varieties of Medical Marijuana Seeds in the USA

The most popular varieties of Medicinal marijuana are Hybrids resulting from a combination of C. sativaC. indicaC. ruderalis, and C. afghanis

Traditionally, farmers cultivated pure Indica Cannabis for its medicinal effects. Furthermore, it was the most suitable for outdoor cultivation and had little or no impact on the brain. In Cannabis Sativa, on the contrary, the medicinal effects were minimal. But due to its higher content in THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), the psychoactive effects were much more incredible.

Today, most of the seeds found on the market are Hybrids. Research in Cannabis cultivation aims to produce more resistant to temperature changes, with faster flowering and higher production.

Cannabis Sativa is a subspecies of cannabis. Its origin is the tropical areas of Asia, Africa, and America. Pure varieties of C. Sativa can reach 4 meters or more in their areas of origin. The leaves are large, with narrow leaflets. Besides, their flowering is not very abundant, but they flower in approximately three months depending on the varieties and the environmental conditions of cultivation.

Due to its high proportion of THC, it has mental and psychoactive effects. Besides, when we consume it, it provides us with medicinal advantages like relieving vomiting and anxiety, exploring well-being, and arousing appetite.

 Cannabis S. Indica

cannabis indica

Coming from Asian regions such as India, Tibet, Pakistan, Nepal, Morocco, and Afghanistan, it is a plant with more excellent resistance to cold and arid, and dry climates. It is easy to distinguish it from C. Sativa by its size: plants that do not reach more than two meters in height. They have a more leafy and compact bearing, and their leaves are a darker green.

This variety contains more CBD than Sativas and a moderate THC level, so its effect is more physical than mental, which means greater relaxation and sedation. Its medicinal properties improve conditions such as epilepsy, insomnia, anxiety, and anti-inflammatory action, as a muscle relaxant and stimulate the appetite.



A hybrid plant results from the crossing between two or more races, varieties, species, or genera. In cultivation, it refers to plants that have been produced by man to obtain specific genetic characteristics.

Hybrids are often unstable in passing on genetics from parents to their offspring. This problem affects breeders and deserves a more in-depth chapter dedicated to the issue of breeding.

We can find the hybrid medicinal Cannabis seeds on the market are crosses of Cannabis S. Sativa with Cannabis S. Indica. Each cross has its characteristics regarding production, size, and amounts of CBD depending on whether Sativa or Indica predominates.

In the 70s, their crosses’ viability with Cannabis S. Ruderalis began to be experimented with to obtain more resistant plants. At first, the results were disappointing because the plants had small production and flavor. Today the flavor has been improved, preserving the small size and resistance to the weather, and what is called auto-flowering seeds have been obtained, which we will explain in detail later.

Cannabis S. ruderalis

Cannabis S. ruderalis

Cannabis S. Ruderalis is a wild variety, and we found its origin in Russia, Central Europe, and Central Asia. They are small plants (between 30 cm and 80 cm). They produce few branches with broad, thick leaves. Its most notable characteristic is the ability to flower according to the plant’s age, regardless of the photoperiod (ratio of hours of light/darkness) in which it grows. This ability is known as auto-flowering.

C. Ruderalis begins to flower between five and seven weeks of growth. Once it has started, it will continue to do so until the cold causes the plant to die. This adaptation to fresh and short flowering periods means that its life cycle. It takes only about 12 weeks from the flowering to produce the seed.

The wild varieties of C. ruderalis mostly have a higher amount of CBD than THC, which is very useful for medicinal applications.

Classification of Medical Cannabis According to Gender:

Medical Cannabis

  • Regular seeds: They are hybrids of Sativa and Indica and can give rise to male plants or female plants since their genotype can be XX or XY. When we plant these seeds, we do not know what sex they are until they reach the flowering stage. We recommend you consult the photos you will find in the cannabis plant to distinguish male and female flowers.

What are the advantages of regular seeds?

    • Cross the plants: you can create new varieties and get your seeds.
    • Greater variety of phenotypes.
    • Vigor and resistance: Regular seeds give rise to more vigorous plants that better cope with pests, fungi, insects, and other diseases.
    • Make cuttings: They are the most suitable for making cuttings as they are more genetically stable.


As we have already mentioned before, its biggest drawback is the uncertainty in the percentage of female plants we will obtain when planting these seeds.

The Feminized Medical Cannabis Seeds:

The feminized seeds are seeds of cannabis, born female plants producing as desired buds high in cannabinoids.

They are the most used in indoor crops due to their stability, easy cultivation, and high quality of the final product.

The first seed bank that began to commercialize feminized seeds was Dutch Passion, creator of famous varieties such as Blueberry, with an intense earthy flavor, or Euforia, a sweet selection of Skunk with a powerful and stimulating effect.

In the early 1970s, they were carried out with marijuana plants with a hermaphroditic tendency subjected to stress conditions to pollen the male flowers that emerged to pollinate female plants.

Nowadays, the techniques to obtain feminized seeds have improved, and the resulting plants are much more stable and pure females. The process of reverting females using silver thiosulfate (STS) revolutionized the market for feminized seeds.


There is a wide variety of feminized seeds. They are distinguished by their genetic origin, effect, flavors and aromas, speed of flowering.

If you have doubts or want a recommendation, do not hesitate to contact us. If you cannot find the variety, you are looking for on our website. We will ask it for you, that easy!

Other varieties of Medical Marijuana Seeds USA:

Autoflowering marijuana seeds provide an easy harvest of high-quality cannabis. People also called them automated seeds. The simplicity of autoflowering makes it an attractive option for many novice growers. Additionally, these varieties are an excellent choice for gardeners living in less hot climates who want to grow in open ground or on a balcony or windowsill but are limited by short summers.

The Advantages of Automatic Marijuana Seeds

Grown outside:  

It can produce more than two crops in the course of a typical summer. Under lights, ‘cars’ can go from a seedling to a fully mature plant in as little as ten weeks. As a bonus, most are also very robust and resistant to fungal infections, mold, pests, and even frost due to their too full North Eurasian genetic lineage – Ruderalis – which developed the ability to flourish purpose to survive. The seeds that bloom automatically, you can grow indoors, outdoors, or in a greenhouse. Besides, all the seeds in this category are feminized and range from a broad genetic range, offering different flavors, aroma, and effect.

Yield factors for autoflowering seed varieties: 

These seeds can provide intelligently sized yields in mass volume, even with a less bright light source. However, the usual rule of thumb that the higher the light intensity, the better the results can also apply. Keep in mind that the amount these types will give is something that will depend on the final size of the plant. Thus, a practically dwarf cannabis plant on a window sill will never produce the same one in a large pot under high-intensity lighting. Anyway, and in general, the amount of buds collected from seeds in this section is favorably comparable to those obtained from feminized or regular seeds of the same variety.

Higher THC levels

It’s the first group of strains to produce superior quality buds. Because it has high levels of cannabinoids. Besides, it doesn’t need to grow under a bright light for set periods. Whether using artificial light or daylight, care and observation have always been necessary factors to plan plants’ exposure time and ensure that the hours of darkness are very dark. Even from small sources, light pollution often confuses the ‘internal clocks’ of plants as to whether they should be vegetating or flowering.

On the other hand, autoflowering seeds can complete their life cycle regardless of how long the days are. Unlike regular seeds, autoflowering seeds grow without undergoing the usual 12 hour light 12-hour dark cycle required to flourish successfully, whether indica, sativa or hybrid. They seem virtually resistant to light pollution, tolerating unusual and irregular light and dark times with exemption. Gardeners who cultivate outdoor with short summers can wait until the warmer weeks. Thus, they can grow their automatic marijuana seeds, knowing that most of those hours will boost the flowering period.

How is cannabis able to automatically flower?

This essential trait evolved as a necessity for survival in central Russia’s harsh and inhospitable areas, where Cannabis Ruderalis originated. This original autoflowering medical marijuana seeds in the USA  bred this almost magical ability. Lacking the Indian continent’s warm summers and the equatorial and the tropical regions were (respectively) Indica and Sativa evolved. This relative hadn’t the luxury of waiting for the change of light cycles that signals the beginning of summer to start flowering. The climate could be cold enough to kill plants before pollination and planting took place. Instead, it had to start blooming as soon as it was big enough to have enough time to complete the reproductive cycle and create new seeds.

Ideal for beginners

The new cultivators who start with cannabis as a first effort can take advantage of autoflowering marijuana strain. He can use filters for easy viewing based on crop size, flowering time, height, price, type (indica, sativa, or hybrid), etc.

Some of the more famous names, such as White Widow, Master Kush, and different types of Skunk and Haze, can be found here. The seeds are available in packs of 5-10 seeds. Besides, you can also purchase some types in packs of 3 and packs of 25.