Cash App.

Owned by Square Incorporation, the Cash App is one of our most preferred method of payment because just like PayPal it is safe, Instant, and supported world Wide

How To Pay Through The Cash App?

The Cash App is a green app with the $$ sign in the center as the logo. It is the first time friendly and ready to go within a minute. If you already have the app then we assume you know how to send payment through the app so you will need to first add or load the money to your cash app balance before asking our cashtag (cash app username) which will appear on the screen after the checkout page if you select ‘Cash App Payment” on the checkout page. If you do not yet have the cash app no worries, just go to your app store and type in “Cash App” in the search bar, download the app, sign up with your phone number or email, link your credit or debit card then add the money from card to your cash app balance, send payment to our cashtag (cash app username) which will be provided to you for payment. Send us a screenshot of the transaction to our service email which is with your email subject being your order number