Payment Options

We accept the Following payment methods.
Wire Transfer(Western Union, Ria)

We Also Accept Bitcoins

We don’t allow direct bank transfer, or PayPal because the type of our business is categorized as “High Risk” business (Online pharmaceutical/Cannabis business is categorized as a high-risk business). So, PayPal or Direct Bank Wires do not provide their services for high-risk business nor any 3rd party merchant providers do. This is why Wire Money Transfer (WesternUnion,) suits best to high-risk businesses like ours.

Anyway, you still can use your credit card to pay for your order on Our shop without any risk. If you are not already aware of this and wondering that how can you pay with your credit card without any risk, you can see individual details in Western Union tabs below. You will use Western Union to pay with your credit card securely. Involving 3rd party makes it secure for you as not pharmacy or Cannabis related receipt or statement gonna sent to your account.

Western Union (money in minutes) is convenient, safe and fast service to pay money from any country to any country in the world (World Wide). There are 3 ways to pay through Western Union listed below with details.
(Please Note: 1- We recommend you to use Western Union Money in Minutes service.. 2- Using your credit card may
result in a cash-advance fee imposed by the card issuer.

Find your local Western Union office and fill out the necessary forms. You can send money from a branch in several ways: via cash, with a credit or debit card, or from bank account to bank account. Using your credit card may result in a cash-advance fee imposed by the card issuer.

Sent money through the western union website using your credit card

Click the Send Money link on the Western Union homepage. Select Send Online. Fill out the form, and choose how you want to pay. You can either send the money with a credit or debit card or with your bank account. The recipient can either pick up cash at a Western Union branch or have the money deposited into a bank account.

Sent money over  your phone(using your debit card)

Call the Western Union toll-free number (+1(510)469-0121), which can also be found on the website. Provide the agent with the necessary recipient information, and pay with a credit or debit card.

Once you have transferred the money to details which you got in your order confirmation email, please send us Western Union tracking number or MTCN on Contact us page, or on our contact email

Bitcoin is a CryptoCurrency (Digital Currency). It is an open source peer to peer payment system. Bitcoin is most safe, secure and anonymous payment method. If you do not know about Bitcoins,      please click here to read for details.

Once you have placed an order and choose Bitcoins as a payment method, you will see all the details on the checkout page (order received page). You will have to note down two things, first one is Amount (BTC): it is the total amount of your order in bitcoins currency that is automatically converted from USD to BTC  and  second thing is Bitcoins Address (Wallet): it is our address where you have to transfer total amount of your order. These two things are required to transfer bitcoins to us to validate your order. You will get all these details in your email too as order confirmation email from Our Shop. (Check your spam/junk folder if you did not get any order confirmation email in your inbox). When transferring the bitcoins, please mention your order reference number on the subject to the transaction. Once we received bitcoins from you, one of our staff members will get back to you and will process your order