Cream Soda strain

This delicious Cream Soda Strain is known for its calming effects and for clearing and concentrating your mind. The products are somewhat sweet, but the flowers create an aromatic stimulant. The Cherry X Auto is a unique combination of the original Cherry genetics combined with the award-winning auto to create two Chinese strains.

Pest They grow organically without pesticides, chemical sprays, or synthetic fertilizers. It contains 17% CBD and only 0.1% THC Organic. These are cured with organic cannabis turpentine.

Healing with the following terpenes is available for Cream Soda strain:

Ancient Lime: (Daytime) – Featuring vibrant, sweet, and citrus notes combined with a passionate sativa-like high supply.

Cookies – (anytime) – combine with the combined focus features of sweet, chocolate, and mint notes to provide hybrid-like highs.

Oz Kush: (Anytime) – Features citrus and skunk notes combined with peace features for high-altitude highs like hybrids.

Critical Kush: (Allttime) – features earthy, woody, and floral notes combined with tranquil features for a comfortable Indica-like height.

JockeyTiles: (Allttime) – Features flavoured, berry, and grape notes with calming properties for a superior supply of comfortable Indica-type.

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