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With AK48 Automatic Seeds Automatic, you can expect some of the most challenging and fastest flowering hybrid indica / sativa cannabis plants. This hybrid is an indica dominant strain, although its sativa component is still powerful.

Therefore, AK48 automatic flower (autoflowering) will have a relatively short flowering time. AK48 Automatic (autoflowering) will increase to medium height during flowering. AK48 can be grown in automatic (autoflowering) exterior typical warm summer.

AK48 has an incredibly high THC content, which has made it famous in the AK family of strains. It was initially created in 1992, and its family has continued to grow into bigger, better, more robust hybrid plants. Buy Layer Cake online.

So, AK48 autoflower is a highly durable feminized hybrid that produces large yields of frosty buds with a well-balanced, speedy flowering time and effect. Great candidate for outdoors in harsh climates facing THC rich and unfavorable weather, pacifica exotica spora is a suitable strain for beginner farmers.


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