Banana OG Hybrid


Banana OG Hybrid is an indica-dominated hybrid made from the ozi kush x skunk hash strain. It is a thick, dark amber oil with perfect purity. The name tells you what to expect from the flavor: with a distinctive banana flavor, supporting sweetness and fruit.


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Banana OG Hybrid THC VAPE CARTRIDGES (0.6ML) is an indica dominant hybrid of bright to medium green buds covered with orange peel and has a slight drink smell that gives them their name. Despite the Kush name, the Indica effects of this strain are minimal, providing a light body that can make users brass knuckles feel very tense. The cerebral effects of the stress are much more pronounced, filling the wearer’s mind with warmth, enhancing mood and euphoria. Users of this strain Og berry hybrid report an increased desire for socialization, becoming much more conversational. Even “marijuana champagne” is not without its usual adverse side effects, dry mouth and eyes, dizziness, headache and paranoia. Buy Banana Cookies online.

The average THC level is 75-80%, just right Banana OG Hybrid for the spectrum of satisfied head and body effects. The brain ride is happy, uplifting, and exhilarating, with an energy boost that makes it suitable for daytime use. The gentle body buzz develops slowly, sending a soothing vibration to create a sleep boost. This vaporizer is best used to treat depression, mood swings, stress, and pain symptoms.


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