Berners Cookies Strain


Burner’s Cookies Cannabis strain is an 80/20 sativa hybrid with a very high THC level of 27%. Developed by a close friend of Wiz Khalifa, it is a popular strain due to its delicious fresh vanilla and almond flavor. Its aroma is confusingly simple, low and with earthy notes.


Berners Cookies Strain Product Description

Girl Scout cookies have long been famous in America. Not surprisingly, there are Girl Scout cookies with tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and various other cannabinoids. Burners cookies, special Berners Girl Scout Cookies Strain were created and named after the rapper Burner. A wrapper called Burner Cookies was created and named.

THC in these cookies is close to 27%, causing severe relaxation. Although burner cookies are a hybrid variety, they are affected by the Sativa strain, which reaches about 80%, while the Indica variety represents 20%. The best marijuana dispensaries in Gainesville Florida on these Berners cut cookies strain resemble small, compact, and tiny dark green algae. The scent has the flavor of vanilla and other nuts, which spread the fragrant, moist smell of cannabis. Suboxone 8mg is a prescription opioid medication used to block the effects of opioid medications, which can lead to opioid abuse, including pain relief.


The Berners Cookies strain is a predominantly sativa cross (approximately 81% sativa / 19% indica). The popular Berner developed the Berners animal cookies strain, a rapper and friend of Wiz Khalifa. It has an addictive taste and a compelling THC level of 28%. This blunt cut from Girl Scout Cookies is not to be looked down upon. It is among the best. New vanilla and nut kush types arrive with every sweet inhale of this delicious bud. The smell is given off when the buds are burned comparative results. Even though it can get wet and sharp at times, it’s still amazing.


Shocks take over a few moments after your first hit. Out of nowhere, it drops you into a cheerful and kind state. You will feel euphoric and ready to chat with people.

The Mary’s Extreme Strength Fudge Brownie variety is compact and forest green, with a humid, earthy smell with matching nutty and vanilla flavors. Even though you can get distracted from time to time by crazy creative musings, it’s worth the wildness. The biscuit strain turns out to be slightly stony, which can leave you calm and passive in case you’re not cautious. Combined with their THC level, these impacts make the cookie varieties ideal for treating insomnia, loss of appetite, and depression. This bud has tiny round green buds molded into the shape of a grape with bright orange hairs.

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