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Berners cookies strain


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Berners cookies product description

Girl Scout cookies have long been popular in America. Not surprisingly, there are Girl Scout cookies with tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and various other cannabinoids. Burners cookies, special Girl Scout cookies were created and named after the rapper Burner. A wrapper called Burner Cookies was created and named.

The percentage of THC in these cookies is close to 27%, causing severe relaxation. Although burner cookies are a hybrid variety, they are affected by the Sativa strain. Which reaches about 80%, while the Indica variety represents 20%. The buds on these cookies resemble small, compact, and small dark green algae. The scent has the flavor of vanilla and other nuts which spread the fragrant, moist smell of cannabis.

The effects of these burner cookies can be felt almost immediately, first leading to a wild mixed, happy state. There will also be feelings of joy and talking and spending time with everyone around you. However, this strain of cannabis allows you to be distracted by creative thinking. As a result, you may want to spend time away from everyone for a while.

However, as the effect increases, the continuity becomes sluggish. Which makes one feel remorseful and very tiring, especially if one has to be careful about how many cookies are being taken. Combined with the severity of THC, burner cookies make it an important benefit in the treatment of chronic pain, insomnia, loss of appetite, stress, and chronic depression.

What is cannabis strain? These include pure or hybrid varieties of cannabis, C. comitiva, C. indica, and C. vulgar species. For more information, see the desktop cannabis strain directory.

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