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Blue cookies are valuable as a treatment for both physical and psychological pain. Your clarity and sense of focus can be excellent for patients with attention deficit disorder. It can have a powerful effect on a depressed or anxious mood, providing something


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There are some controversies about Blue cookie about the actual parents of this top award-winning Indica. Some sources claim F1Durb (a predominantly Indica descendant of Durban Poison) and Florida Oz (a little-known Indica). Others say they are Blueberry and Girl Scout cookies. Regardless of its origin, the Sativa / Indica ratio of Blue Cookies is between 10:90 and 30:70. This creates a strong body high, although the sativa genes provide a solid cerebral high. Use this variety to treat anxiety, low mood, headaches, nausea, and constant physical pain. Buy Blue Dream online.

Blue cookie strain won the Cannabis Cup in the Medical Hybrid category based on its extensive THC content, measured at over 28%. The dough holder is still less than 30%, which means this strain is weed on the market. CBD, on the weed hand, makes up less than 2% of the cannabinoid content of these plants, so blue cookies should not be used as an exclusive As the name implies, the dense snakes of this strain have a dark blue tint, as well as a thick layer of nocturnal crystals on the surface. Blue cookie weed strain is sweet and smooth with orange, earthy, and caramel notes. Asimax Forte is sweet and reminiscent of cookies. Golden Teacher Magic Mushrooms Psychedelic Hotspot are famous on the West Coast but much harder to find elsewhere in the United States.

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