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Bubba OG is a lovely cocoon of Tight smoke glue that burns with white ash. You will notice a quick high in one hit, and it will last. You can take it out because it does not taste like a burnt cockroach. If you go old school Live and want to stone all day and the more stones you want, the better the day will be, but your luck is bad


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A vital member of the Bubba OG family, Bubba is a must-have for fans of OG hybrids. This strain was created by Canadian producer Dr. Greenthamb Seed as a cross between the famous pre-98 cut of Bubba Kush and Ghost Oz, a descendant of another Oz Kush. It is an indica of excellent quality, be sure to take the pressure and pain off to keep smokers clear. Spores Syringes has consistently high THC levels and tested between 15% and 27%.

Bubba has small to medium-sized flowers that have a clustered, fragmented appearance. The buds adhere to a dense structure, usually of the indica variety. The leaves are a bright oz zkittlez shade of spring green and are twisted with red to orange pistils. Bubba Oz’s flowers are a patchwork of green, purple, and blue colors in many cases. These latter colors occur when anthocyanin pigments in strain genetics are stimulated by cold weather during vegetation; The process is purple, no different from leaf change in fall due to the reduced levels of chlorophyll. A layer of transparent white trichomes already covers the colorful flowers. Buy OG Kush online.

Well covered, it will withstand a host of harsh conditions. On closer inspection, there bubba Og seeds feminized are also base notes of hashish and incense, probably the effect of the double grandfather strain Oz Kush. Meanwhile, there are hints of fresh pine when the flowers break or crush. When lit, master burns in thick, intense smoke that can tickle the back of the roof of your mouth and lead to coughing in some. When inhaled, the smoke can taste as sweet as an extra ripe fruit, along with some fine diesel smoke. Buy Trippy Flip Milk Chocolate Sale Online.

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