Pure Power Plant Feminized Seeds are a surprisingly potent seed variety, primarily sativa, developed in the late 1990s from South African cannabis strains including Durban, Swazi, and Malawi. This modern marijuana hybrid became a feminized version in recent years. Allowing a more comprehensive range of growers to enjoy its qualities as feminized seeds became available to purchase.

The potential for the extraordinary growth of this female strong is an excellent example of hybrid strength. The offspring of the unrelated breed transcend any strain of the parent. PPP is highly vigorous at all stages of growth and attains much height. The flowering stage, which allows for large yields of full-grown plants.

pure power plant feminized seeds will produce long, shiny buds with a sweet pine anise flavor and a robust social high that encompasses both mind and body. At Weed Seed Shop, we believe that this commercial classic is often underestimated; Sour Diesel Oil has been a favorite on Amsterdam coffee shop menus for years with good reason, and it deserves to be rediscovered!
Sunny / MediterraneanPure Power Plant Feminized can be grown outdoors in a warm sunny climate with a long summer.
High plantPure Power Plant Feminized will grow substantially during the flowering phase.

Flowering 55 – 75 days pure power plant feminized seeds will need a medium flowering time to reach their full potential.
Yield XXL YieldPure Power Plant Feminized can produce a lot of weed but may require a little extra attention.
60% Sativa / 40% Indica Pure Power Plant Feminized is a Sativa / Indica hybrid.


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