White Widow


The famous worldwide White-Widow is a balanced hybrid originating out of the Netherlands in the 1990s. WW is a cross between a Brazilian Sativa landrace and a resin-heavy South-Indian Indica.  White-Widow has blessed every Dutch coffee shop menu since its birth in the 90s. Buds are rich in crystal resin, a special warning of the potent effects about to come; euphoria and energy, creative and conversational.Hybrid: 60:40 Sativa:Indica,THC 15%,CBD 1 %.

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The White Widow strain is undoubtedly one of the most popular strains in the world. It is one of the most wonderfully balanced hybrids, a product of Dutch genetic work. Its genetics start with Brazilian and South Indian strains, and the end product was so special that it became the mother of other “white weed strains” strains. Although their white diesel strain vintages are also very impressive cannabis strains, at getting High 420 weed store, we believe this stands firmly as the best of the White Widow marijuana varieties.

One of the significant things about this strain is its XXL size crop. It offers a large harvest volume in an extremely high-quality product, making it great for commercial growers. Its incredible popularity also makes it a smart investment decision for commercial growers or even small growers. Just like a perfectly balanced sativa-indica hybrid, this one grows to be of medium height and has a flowering period of 55 to 70 days. It has strong, thick branches to support its exquisitely heavy and thick buds. It grows indoors or outdoors, but outdoors it needs a warmer and sunnier climate. These seeds are regular, Blueberry Cake, which means that they will produce both male and female plants. 

The Etymology of the Term White Widow Strain

These white widows strain allbud is called “White Widow” because of the extremely generous amount of white trichomes provided by Mother Nature. It should be evidence of how vigorous this strain is! Its effects are of great euphoria and happiness, although it is also very relaxing. It’s perfect for social gatherings or to receive creative energy. The strength and potency of this marijuana are extreme, with a woody and earthy flavour.

Overall, the White Widow strain is a great cannabis strain to grow in the garden. It’s a pleasure to watch her buds bloom in clusters of beautiful white diesel strain crystals, and she looks wonderful in the garden. blue widow strain produces so many sprouts that there is no way you will end up disappointed, and the strength and its effects make it one of the best seeds you can buy. It’s a highly valued seed!

White Widow Medical Properties

There is no question that the black widow strain uplifting and relaxing energy brings to the table is great for treating stress. Those who have a tendency to get nervous or stressed after certain activities should treat themselves to blue widow strain to calm down. Its indica content also makes it effective in treating physical pain.

How to Identify White Widow

What makes white weed strains different from all other strains is how white it is! The trichome layer gives it an extremely creamy white colour, with dark green buds hiding underneath. It also has long, white pistils and calyxes growing all over the plant.

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