Cherry Pie Cookies


Cherry Pie Cookies Strain is a balanced Indica-Sativa marijuana hybrid. These herbal breeders remain unknown. These marijuana plants have beautiful purple buds with amber hairs. The snakes in the cherry cookies are covered in amber-tinted trichomes. Users should know the dosage as the THC count can reach 23%. As the name implies, cherry cookies tempt the senses with a powerful tart aroma of marijuana cherries. Due to its balanced height, the weed is suitable for day and evening use.


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The cherry tart cookie strain is one of the new strains released by Cookies Fam. An Indica dominant hybrid is obtained by crossing Cherry Pie OG and Cookies F2. This Cookies variety has buds similar to the Cherry Pie Cookies variety from which it is derived. It has dark purple buds with deep orange pistils. The prior arrangement has thick buds with orange hair all finished and shows a slight purple color. The smell is that of cherry cakes. Buy tart cherry strain online.

Taste and appearance

People who regularly smoke Cherry Pie are reeling from the pine and skunk flavor they get from the first puff. In the long run, you will find the pleasure of Cherry Pie, which gives it a delicious smoked cherry character. Buy Cherry pie cookies strain online at marathon og The sticky and sweet taste, like glazed cherries, lingers on the tongue. Overall, the hotness could get students talking, and the character is certainly not so much cake, but more of a cherry!
The buds are denser than the Durban Poison strain and not as round as a cut in GDP. The high-quality Cherry Pie strain will be somewhat soggy without the risk of disintegrating on your fingers. Without a doubt, the hereditary qualities of Durban Poison have taken over the appearance of this plant. You probably won’t see the purple shading related to GDP. All points being equal, you will see the orange hairs and green leaves of the forests associated with Durban Poison.

Effects of this strain of cookies

Pillsbury Cherry Pie Cookies effect of this variety is similar to that of Girl Scout cookies. Mario Cart Sour Diesel has sedative effects that will knock you unconscious on the couch while you perform your creative senses. This variety of cookies has THC levels between 16 and 18%. Reviewers have found the high to be mostly cerebral, giving your consumers a Cheshire smile that lifts their spirits and helps them throughout the day. This exotic herb has an effect that has been reviewed to facilitate thought processes, which is why many keep a clear head while experiencing a boost in mood. According to consumers, this exotic cookie strain also provides a body high, relieving mild insomnia, allowing muscles to relax and minor aches and pains to subside.

Like many varieties of cookies, cherry pie cookies leave a sweet taste on the back of your tongue. The Cherry Pie strain is excellent for those new to the cannabis scene and marijuana patients if consumed correctly. Buy Cookies Strain online.

Cherry Pie strain cultivation information

As most growers say, it is ideal to better grow your plants indoors for the best bud quality and maximum yield when you have Cherry Pie seeds. If you decide to bypass this tip and grow this variety outdoors, you need a warm, Buy Lucky Backpackboyz, Mediterranean setting with lots of natural light.

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