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Haze Automatic Seeds flower seeds produce buds with their female counterpart-like characteristics and qualities but without the need for regular and defined periods of darkness. A perfect choice for providing regular harvests throughout the growing season.

Original Amnesia, also known as Amnesia Hedge, Champagne Hedge, The Bomb, Ultra Hedge, and many more, is a classic sativa strain. But the Haze is the result of many years of breeding. A cross of the Amnesia Haze was bred in the Netherlands in the 1990s by Hy-Pro Seeds. Buy AK48 Automatic Seeds for sale.

The resulting hybrid is an easy-to-grow, mostly sativa autoflowering marijuana strain suitable for most climates. A fast-growing auto strain, Super Lemon Haze Auto seeds produce short to medium-sized plants with flowering commencing during the third week of growth.

So, Royal Hedge Automatic offers the best hedge and skunk features wrapped in an easy-to-grow autoflowering package. Our expert breeders have created this strain by surpassing the two most famous: Amnesia Hedge and Kush.



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