ICE Feminized Cannabis Seeds Online

ICE Feminized Cannabis Seeds online, the ideal indica for hybrid lovers and bedtime smokers, is the dominant hybrid strain. It got its name because it looks bright because of its utterly covered resin glands like ice.

ICE is also great for hash enthusiasts, imparting very high productivity from unused plant material. Royal Queen Seeds claims that it is their best-feminized strain for hash production. It more than makes up for the strain’s relatively low yield for hash lovers. Buy Ice Cream Cake online.

The high THC content of the ICE weed strain is about 18 to 21 percent, and the plant also produces a medium-high cannabinoid content. However, the most notable feature of this variety is the high production of resin glands.

It gets its name from appearing so frosty due to the fully covered resin glands sparkling like ice. It is a crossbreed of 3 classic marijuana strains: a particular Skunk, classic heavyweight Northern Lights and traditional Afghan result 90% Indica and 10% Sativa strain.



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