What is Pure Kush?

The Pure Kush strain is an indica dominant hybrid used to induce deep relaxation and help improve the sleep cycle. In addition to being a huge hit with JYM patients, recreational users also enjoy this strain who hope to end their day on a relaxed note. Buy Isla OG Strain online.

Clear your schedule because OG strain lineage is one potent indica. 4-aco-dmt etsy strain will leave you feeling heavily sedated, a longtime favorite for pain relief. Pure-Kush’s strength begins with a signature kush-aroma that is extremely intense and skunky.

The common consensus is that the OG kush strain is generally a very strong strain, and its high THC content makes it not the best strain for cannabis newcomers.

Why is Kush So Expensive?

Indian Kush is potent in THC, and Sour Headband induces a very narcotic and meditative vibe. So why is this weed so expensive? Most of it has to do with logistics, as transporting an illegal commodity from remote parts of India to metro cities is not easy.


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