Red Dragon


Red Dragon is a lowborn marijuana strain made by crossing South American with Afghani. Red Dragon tattoo produces happy and uplifting effects with a sweet and fruity aroma.


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Barney’s Farm created the Red Dragon strain, and you can trace its lineage back to an Afghan called Utopia Hedge (a Brazilian sativa) and the western Himalayan Kush. Mango super silver haze strain isn’t easy to know whether the variation is named after the Hannibal Lecter character; One of the Red Dragons series created by Thomas Harris.

Therefore, the Red dragon tattoo contains a lot of CBD for a plant that was not made for it. The average reaches about 1%, up to 1.2%. As a result, the CBD to THC ratio is usually 20: 1 or more or less. Buy Berners Cookies Strain online.

Expect a flowering period of about eight weeks. But it is a variety that has been described as herbal for “sophisticated stoner.” red dragon’s fruit is extremely sweet and spicy marijuana known for its tendency to keep you high for hours.

Red dragon strain might help control the mood and pain of Alzheimer’s patients who are frustrated, agitated or violent. But the Crumble wax may relax and reduce the level of tremors suffered by Parkinson’s patients and is at times used to treat conditions such as nausea, loss of appetite and insomnia.

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