Super Skunk Description

It crossed between the wildly popular indicas, Skunk # 1 and Afghani. The Super Skunk strain is a super potent, funky-skunk indica dominant hybrid! Bred by the professional breeders at Sensi Seeds, this strain was part of a breeding project to perfect parental Skunk # 1 and its phenotype, Shiva Skunk. A potent indica with an above-average THC count, a smooth smoke, and a host of medical benefits, including a happy high and highly effective pain relief. This strain is ideal for medicinal cannabis users and indica lovers! All types!

Super Skunk Effects

Super Skunk offers a euphoric and invigorating body high that can help alleviate various symptoms. With its indica-dominant genetics, the strain is recognized as a physically effective agent that can help those who experience temporary or chronic. Body aches and pains include aches, migraines, headaches, or cramps. The uplifting euphoria can also be quite spatial on the mind and indica. Lovers looking for a variety for recreational use will love that carefree, spatial high.

Super Skunk is a popular choice for alleviating mood disorders or symptoms such as stress, PTSD, depression, and anxiety due to that uplifting energy; some users also report relief from nightmares due to its calm and relaxation. It can be used at any time of the day to relieve pain and at night to help fight insomnia. Super Skunk tends to make users hungry with a box of snacks. So it’s great for those with a loss of appetite, too – make sure you have some snacks ready!

THC Content

Super Skunk Strain is an indica powerful hybrid with a ratio of 65% indica to 35% sativa. It has an average of 19% THC and contains 1% CBD, making it effective for physical relief. Its predecessor, Skunk # 1, is also 65% / 35% indica sativa, but averages 15% -19% THC and contains 1% CBD and 1% CBN. Super Skunk’s other parent, Afghani, is a pure indica indigenous variety and is one of the most popular and recognized worldwide. Its THC levels range between 16% and 20%, containing 1% CBD. The other Skunk # 1 phenotype, Shiva Skunk, is a pure indica hybrid bred by Sensi Seeds farms and averages 13% -20% in comparison. Other skunk phenotypes include DNA Genetics’ Lemon Skunk and Skunkberry.

Appearance and Aroma

Super Skunk is light green with pale orange, and brown bits finished with a nice light layer of trichomes. While Super Skunk is not black and white like its namesake forest animal, this is no denying that it is just as spicy. Many users report that the potent aroma is similar to ammonia, cheese or mushrooms. In addition to the apparent skunk smell, there are also earthy and spicy notes. However, you can taste some fruity acidity and sweetness when smoking, similar to pomegranate and blueberries. However, others have reported more of a citrus note. For such penetrating tension, it surprisingly offers a smooth, clean exhale too!

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