Sweet Dreams

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This hybrid exhibits more on the indica side of the spectrum. Sweet Dreams is so named because it is a vine. Without realizing it, you are so relaxed that you are practically asleep. And you are feeling euphoric and happy. She is an ideal evening strain. Sweet Dreams has a strong skunk scent, along with berries, Kush, and ammonia. This combination goes straight to your head. If you are smoking, it has a smooth, honeyed taste. Many people use it to treat tremors or other neuropathic pain.


Indica Prevalent Hybrid – 70% Indica / 30% Sativa

THC: 22% – 23%

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Sweet Dreams is an indica potent hybrid strain created by crossing Big Bud Skunk with an unknown high potency indica strain. Sweet dreams cyberpunk has a genuinely otherworldly flavor, mixing fresh berries and fruits with just a hint of floral skunk. The Sour Animal scent takes a slightly chemical turn, adding skunk and ammonia along with a touch of floral earth for a smell that can leave you faded at times. It has clumps of round mint green buds with dark amber hairs, rich purple undertones. And a layer of dark amber crystal trichomes.

Type of Discharge

The high takes over, slowly bathing your mind and leading to a heavy but relaxing brain stone. You won’t focus on much of anything, and you will get lost in blurry visions as your mind sinks deeper and lower into itself. Your body will follow suit, resting and settling into a calm state. It’s a vine, but it hits hard and with a burst of happiness when it hits. The high begins in your head, working down your shoulders and through your core, relaxing your muscles and inducing lockdown from the couch. The intense buzzing sensation stays with you until the slump, which often results in deep, uninterrupted sleep. If you are susceptible to cravings, you may want to keep a bag of potato chips near your nightstand.

Medical Benefits

Sweet Dreams is perfect for relieving depression, bipolarity, anxiety, and stress symptoms. And other mood troubles that affect your sleep and wake habits. It is a strong sedative. It is also a top-notch sleep aid and will help with insomnia, inflammation, night pains, night terrors, and restless leg syndrome. Sweet Dream is the perfect bud to treat insomnia, tremors, muscle spasms, loss of appetite and chronic pain. Buy Sweet Dream marijuana.

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