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Watermelon Tarts, like many other desserts, freezes well. As mentioned throughout, be careful not to damage your pastry in the process of freezing it, and make sure it’s well covered so it doesn’t suffer from freezer burn. Otherwise, you should be able to enjoy a delicious slice of lemon tart, whether fresh or recently defrosted. Buy Wana Jewels for sale.

Therefore, some frozen tarts flavors (specifically strawberry and cinnamon sugar) are meant to be toasted, some beckon to be frozen. Chocolate or cream-based flavors taste like ice cream treats when chilled, and they’re a lot less messy.

Place another 9- or 10-inch round of parchment paper or aluminum foil in each watermelon applesauce shell, ensuring an overhang on each side. Fill with pie weights, Gluetopia Refined Live Resin™ PAX Era Pod, blind-baking beans, or rice—Bake removes the trays. The oven for 4 minutes and carefully lift the weight and parchment paper, using the paper protrusion as the handle.



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