White Widow Feminized Seeds


Please take a look at our plant protector products. Feeding White Widow Feminized Seeds. As always, ensure you give your plants the proper nutrients during each stage.
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White Widow Feminized Seeds cannabis seeds deliver almost instantaneous mental effects such as a more defined grasp of sights and sounds and a push of mental energy.

Today, virtually all seed banks offer white widow seeds, but most do not mimic the original. White-labeled female White Widow produces only female plants, containing 35% Sativa gene and 65% Indica gene. Our breeders spared no expense or effort to survive with the legendary reputation of the White Widow. Buy White Widow for sale.

A female White Widow plant will usually not grow taller than 1 meter when grown indoors. After the vegetation and flowering period are over, our female white widow seed will become a mature plant capable of giving an average yield of 55 to 65 grams per plant.

So, the White Widow is a hybrid of the world-famous strain from the Netherlands. It’s a cross between a Brazilian Sativa and a resin-heavy Indica from South India, and Greenhow seeds first bred it.


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