WSS Skunk Automatic Seeds


WSS Skunk Automatic Seeds (Autoflowering) is is a feminized strain. You can see other cannabis products like white runt strain. Check the box below.

$40.00 for 10 seeds



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WSS Skunk Automatic Seeds online. A quick and easy female autoflowering cannabis strains capable of maturing in 12 weeks from seedling to harvest! WSS Skunk Automatic Seed produces thick. Compact marijuana plants with small internodal gaps and excellent solid buds filled with shiny THC crystals. Buy Super Skunk online.

WSS skunk complex flavor contains mango and exotic spice elements, and its buds provide an initial energetic high followed by a comfortable, comfortable “high.” Its feminine variety is ideal for beginners and anyone looking for a quick and hassle-free crop. WSS Skunk Automatic does not require light cycle changes to produce thick, resin-loaded flowers. Flowering starts from the sixth week of plant growth when the plants have their fifth to the eighth set of true leaves.

So, outdoor autoflowering has the advantage of increasing the strain of cannabis seeds USA in all climateturnal buds standards. And light-sensitive marijuana strain can lie in the sun for weeks before flowering begins for growers with short summers. If growers with short summers for growers with short summers are planted in early spring, WSS skunk feminized can be collected from August.


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