Strain Guide

Marijuana for medical purposes is a plant that, after many struggles, has become everyone’s favorite. And it was a long trip. Long hard. Even technology has come to help the growth of the grass. With telemedicine, you can get a marijuana card for medical purposes online in minutes.
And that’s great news for the medical sector. Technology takes health care to another level. Now you do not have to leave your bed to see a doctor. With a single click, you can get a video chat in minutes. And it’s the same thing in the case of marijuana for medical purposes. Getting a marijuana card for medical purposes online has become very easy.
Medical marijuana is my favorite. And the reasons are multiple. One of them is that you have so many choices. When did you choose the flavor of your medicine?
Yes. I guessed it well.
You can choose from thousands of strains. And that’s her beauty. With so many different flavors and aromas to choose from, this dilemma is something I look forward to. But again what to choose. Here is one that could be the strain you need.



It’s an all-round-everything. The strain packs a punch with its THC content. Comprised of about 18 to 26% THC, the strain will surely produce the psychoactive effects allowing you to fall asleep in a few clicks. Its effects are at another level. Do not misunderstand the fact that this is dangerous, it is one of the most effective strains for managing mental disorders.
It constitutes about 65% of sativa and the rest of indica (35%). The hybrid is actually a cross between Thai sativa, Mexican sativa and Afghani indica. And get this, we actually think it’s produced in the state of the house, California.
With a medical marijuana card online, you can buy the strain legally at any dispensary in the city. So, take one today.

Flavor & Aroma

Prepare to be surprised. Yes, the tension is pleasantly unexpected. It has a very powerful aroma with a scent of lime and likewise, the taste is also very satisfying. So, do not worry about the flavor of the grass, it’s the whirlwind you’re looking for.


With a packet of THC, expect to be hit by a good group. Two or three puffs will undoubtedly be enough to provide the euphoria that will make this variety a favorite. Not a morning constraint though. Use it after work and have a good night’s sleep.
With significant brain effects, you will feel your body melt. Trainwreck is made to measure to help you relax and push your limits. Perfect! You then found your correspondence.

Medical benefits

Medical marijuana has proven to be therapeutic for people. And this strain is no different. Whether it’s a mental condition or a physical illness, it helps provide therapeutic benefits to people. Conditions such as stress, post-traumatic stress, anxiety, chronic pain, lack of appetite, etc.
So, choose telemedicine and get a marijuana card for medical purposes online. You can choose a number of strains to manage your illness and the trainwreck may be the one for you. So start.