Indica Dominant Hybrid Strains at A Glance

The indica-dominant hybrid strains of cannabis are quite popular among marijuana users and also among growers. And it is that by mixing the different versions of sativa and indica, we can achieve the desired effects for our body. Besides, we can also include cannabis ruderalis so that our seeds are autoflowering. Next, we will give you all the information to grow marijuana with its hybrid strains, and we will present to you the main benefits of using this type of cannabis. You will probably be surprised at all the benefits you will get with this type of cannabis.

  • Origin: Hybrid cannabis is mainly grown at home or in large greenhouse crops as a mixture of sativa and indica strains.
  • Description of the plant: It will depend a lot on the parent plants. That is, depending on the mix we make, this will be its appearance.
  • Typical ratio of CBD and THC: Many hybrid cannabis plants are cultivated to increase THC’s percentage, which is the principle that sets us up. However, each type of mix has a unique ratio of cannabinoids.
  • Effects associated with its use: the producers of hybrid cannabis seek to create strains that have a unique impact on our body. We can reduce anxiety or stress or give ourselves greater muscle relaxation. Again, it will depend on our mix.
  • Day or night use: It will depend on the predominant effects in our mix.
  • Most popular strains: Hybrid cannabis is often classified between dominated indica or sativa products or a mixture of both. The most popular strains are Pineapple Express, Trainwreck, and Blue Dream.

Effects of Indica Dominant Hybrid Marijuana

The effects of hybrid marijuana vary, depending on the amount of sativa or indica that our seeds have. Therefore, you should look carefully at THC and CBD’s composition to know what effect you can find in your hybrid strain. 

In the hybrid case, a mixture of THC and CBD is given, which usually varies depending on its use. Contrary to what happens with alcohol, where the end is always to be drunk, smoking weed, our results will vary depending on the type of cannabis. Knowing what type you consume will help you know the effects you are going to achieve. 

If you put more indica in your hybrid cannabis mix, you will know that you will have a more sedative effect, to stay lying on the sofa without moving. On the other hand, if you use more sativa, you will see that you will have a more energetic high, and your level of concentration will be much higher. 

Best of all, our hybrid cannabis is a mix between sativa and indica so that we can find effects for both the body and the mind. Most of the types of marijuana that we find in the market are already hybrids. We have very few pure indica or sativas, as all growers mix today. Here you can see a guide to choose your seeds in your marijuana plantation. 

What kind of medicinal effects can hybrid cannabis have?

It depends a lot. For example, patients believe that the Blue Dream variety controls anxiety. Indica dominant ones like Cookies can help relieve body aches. Instead, other hybrids that are sativa dominant, like Super Lemon Haze, can cheer us up and ease depression. Each hybrid strain has different chemistry, and so its effect will vary. We also propose the White Skunk, one of the best hybrids you will find.

Why are our hybrid marijuana labeled sativa dominants or hybrid dominants?

Our hybrid marijuana can be sativa dominant or indica dominant, which will mean that you will have more characteristics of its dominant parent and less of the secondary one. For example, a dominant indica such as Cookie will have more relaxing and sedative effects. However, Super Lemon Haze is a sativa dominant, so that it will have more energetic effects. 

On some occasions, we will find that our hybrid marijuana is a hybrid, a perfect mix of both variables. For example, Blue Dream is a true hybrid, having an indica high thanks to Blueberry and also the energy of sativa thanks to Haze. Without a doubt, one of our favorites! Don’t forget White Skunk either, another great option when it comes to hybrid marijuana, as well as California Indica.  

Origin of Indica Dominant Hybrid Marijuana

Hybrids are associated with the hand of man. It comes from the cultivation and the mixture that man makes between indica and sativa plants. For centuries, American farmers have been trying to improve their crops and have been creating new strains. The cultivation of modern cannabis began on the United States and Canada’s western coasts in the mid-60 and since then has not stopped. These early growers mixed mold-resistant and fast-growing sativas with indica, which had a more commercial route. 

Moreover, we should remember that some growers also add autoflowering seeds to their cannabis mix. This will make it much easier to grow, which will allow us not to have to follow solar cycles to the letter. Without a doubt, another benefit of using hybrid marijuana. 

How is the hybrid marijuana plant

As you can imagine, we cannot speak of one type of hybrid marijuana plant. This will vary depending on who your parents are. So we can find different types of plants depending on whether they are sativa or indica dominant. 

The hybrid marijuana is perfect for experimenting and creates new strains. If you are comfortable with breeding and are already an experienced harvester, you can get unique marijuana that gives you the effects you want. Therefore, we encourage you to try different seeds and thus create the best yields you could ever dream of. 

Of course, creating hybrid cannabis strains takes a lot of time and effort. It is something that should not be taken too lightly. It is not that simple, and results can vary greatly until a strain stabilizes. This leads us to speak of “back-crossing,” that is, crossing and crossing our new seeds for generations until the characteristics are consistent.

Indica dominant marijuana strains are hybrids that have a higher number of Indica genes. The predominantly Indica varieties are characterized by their short flowering period, easy cultivation, and increased production. Besides, they produce medicinal effects that mild pain, relieve insomnia, reduce anxiety and muscle tension. If you are a lover of Indica dominant marijuana strains, come in and take a look at our selection of the best Indicas on the market!

Five reasons to buy indica dominant strains

This selection contains only the best Indica-dominant varieties available on the market. Among them, you can find Spanish, American, and Dutch premium marijuana strains.

Indica varieties are compact in stature, making them ideal for indoor growing. They also stand out for their shorter flowering time and high yields. All of this makes Indica strains very popular with growers looking for multiple crops in one season. Another benefit of these cannabis plants is that they are robust and have a high resistance to diseases – perfect for growing outdoors in hot and dry climates. But why should you buy Indica-dominant marijuana strains? There are many reasons!

  • Fast Flowering: Most Indica varieties have a flowering period of 8 to 9 weeks.
  • Robustness, high resistance to low temperatures, and diseases. Perfect for growing outdoors in cold climates.
  • Easy cultivation and controllable height. Ideal for novice growers.
  • Small to medium height: less than 1.5 m. Perfect for indoor growing and small spaces.
  • High resin production. Indica dominant marijuana is great for extracting.

Enjoy the effects of the best Indica varieties!

Indica-dominant strains are the queens of the cannabis market for their excellent growing qualities, as well as their effects. Lovers of Indica strains will appreciate their powerful physical, relaxing, and therapeutic effects. Indica marijuana is perfect for fighting stress and depression, improving sleep quality, or simply relaxing your body, staying on the couch, and enjoying the pleasure of doing nothing. Do you like the idea? Don’t miss out on our Indica-dominant hybrid strains!

A Complete List of Indica Dominant Hybrid Strains with Their Key Features:

Indica Dominant Hybrid Strain Genetics Parents THC CBD
Girl Scout Cookies


Indica-dominant (60%) OG Kush

Durban Poison


25-28% Unknown
Gorilla Glue



Indica-dominant Chocolate Diesel

Sour Dubb

Chems Sister

24-30% Low
White Diesel


Indica-dominant (60%) NYC Diesel High Unknown
Big Buddha Cheese 

Big Buddha Cheese 

Indica-dominant Cheese

Skunk 1


Medium Unknown


Indica-dominant (75%) Korean Big Skunk

Super Skunk

Jack Herer

Medium Unknown


Indica-dominant (80%) Afghani

Fruity Juice

19-20% Unknown
Cookies Kush 

Cookies Kush


Indica-dominant (70%) OG Kush

Girl Scout Cookies

High High
Sour Kush

Sour Kush

Indica-dominant (70%) OG Kush

Sour Diesel

Medium Low
Critical Hog

Critical Hog

Indica-dominant Tennessee HOG

Critical Mass

Medium Unknown
Strawberry Glue 

Strawberry Glue 

Indica-dominant Gorilla Glue

Strawberry Diesel

28% Unknown