Using Ethanol Extraction for CBD

There is no denying that as time passes, people become more aware of the benefits that CBD provides. It has immense anti-inflammatory properties along with the ability to subdue pain dramatically. So much so that the FDA, previously against CBD, has been open to making medical research on CBD much easier through loosening the regulations.

With flexible regulations, the CBD market and industry will be allowed to grow substantially. Thus, manufacturers are already looking for the technology and the machines to aid CBD and ethanol extraction on massive levels of production –manufacturers like SubZero. The falling film evaporator is one of the most advanced types of machinery available for the process of ethanol extraction and SubZero produces a rather durable type; The Einstein Plus. You get access to pure ethanol, extracted with an efficiency of 98.6 percent.

Such inventions come through the recognition that in order to keep up with the growing demand of CBD. Most manufacturers would have to use a sustainable method of extraction so that corporate greed to maximize profits would not hamper the growth of the industry. Creating such an efficient system would reduce waste dramatically all while ensuring that a pure product is reaching the market.

Why ethanol?

The reason why ethanol is regarded as the element to extract is that it has been declared safe by the FDA. Additionally, the ethanol extraction process is considered to be the safest and more efficient out of the rest. This is because ethanol extraction does not need to go through a process of filtration thus reducing the work that needs to be out in to extract and the time.

Ethanol is also reusable in nature. In most cases, labs will help manufacturers recover about 97 percent of the ethanol used during the extraction process –thus allowing its reuse in the next extraction process. It is also one of the easiest elements to store properly thus allowing for manufacturers to extract large quantities at once.

Ethanol is also known to be polar and non-polar in nature. This means that the ethanol extraction system results in a pure output that contains all of the hemp plants medicinal properties –oils, polysaccharide, acids and the like. In contrast, using Co2 extraction machines would only allow for the extraction of oil-soluble elements in the plant.

As the popularity of CBD grows, more manufacturers are inclines on investing in machines like The Einstein Plus that would provide them with an output of 50 gallons per hour due to the advances extraction system created. The fact that ethanol is the safest in regards to extraction, and reusable in nature, makes it one of the prime material to extract from hemp fibre of Cannabis. Instead of opting for Co2 extraction machines, manufacturers prefer the ethanol recovery equipment.